Oct 11, 2007

Fall has Fallen!

I am on a mission. After doing some house keeping in my scrap stash it came to my attention that I have too many!! So I *raising right hand* do swear to not cut another whole piece of paper until I have made 50 cards using SCRAPS! Its been a lot for fun actually so far. Because I litterally have scraps from when I started scrapbooking over 5 years ago. And might I add...some pretty cool scraps! These two cards are from CTMH's 'AUTUMN SPLENDER' --very cool set.

Its definitely fall here today! It is sooo crisp and fall like. I am anxious to get outside and see about a little bit of yard work this afternoon.

Ron goes back to the Dr. today to hopefully get some answers to his latest blood work. We are hoping they have answers that will fix all of his woes. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Hannah Banana is doing fabulous! She is hopping now and slowly but surely getting the hang of her crutches. She can drag herself around in her room and play a little now. Great news for BOTH of us!

Heather is still at Grammee & PawPaws house. Enjoying a little bit of her fall break.

Anyways...its another great day! Enjoy yourself! Go use up some scraps!


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