Oct 12, 2007

Renovations have begun!

Good Morning friends. Its a bit cool here this morning. I dont even hear the birdies out venturing around yet. It is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend though. Maybe we will go get our punkins this weekend. I picked this stamp set to use today because I wanted so desperately to try out my new FLESHY colored COPIC markers. Its hard to tell in the photos but the shading on them is awesome! This, once again is also coming from my scrap stash. Another thing hard to see is that there is 7 layers of paper on this card up top. Hehehehe...think I am trying to maybe get rid of some paper???? The bottom one is also scraps of course but I tried to decorate the inside. My daughter keeps asking me why all of my cards are blank inside. I told her that it was because I like to write LETTERS on the inside and like the room to be blank. But it got me to thinking...maybe I SHOULD dress up the inside a bit?

And the moment EVERYONE has been waiting for!!! The unveiling of my mess of a garage, Wreck REC room! We are planning to do a little bit of work out there today so I wanted to send you a BEFORE shot. So you can see what miracle workers we are when we are finished!!!

Dont forget to check back later on this evening as I will post the winners of the layout challenge! I already have them chosen thanks to the Peterson Judges. I just have to take a pic of the prizes!

Enjoy your day! Do something fall like today...like plant some mums or something!!

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