Oct 13, 2007

And the winner is!!

I so apologize for not announcing the winners last night. My afternoon short jaunt to town turned into an ALL afternoon thing! But then again...NOTHING in my life seems to be going as scheduled, so neither I, nor you should be surprised at this. The following winners will receive a package of METAL embellishments! GOOD JOB! And thank you soooo much for visiting my blog!
First let me give you the winner of 3rd place. The judges (being my family) thought this was a great way to get so many things on one card. Hannah especially loved the fluffy strings. Congratulations to ELLIE LYTLE!

2nd place was a winner because they liked how simple it was. Congratulations to SAMANTHA PRICE!!

And the grand prize first place winner is MELISSA HOOPES for her pink submission. Very great way to use different patterened paper together!

Dont you think they all are cool?
Things here are good today. Hannah and Heather are playing nicely together and I am still wondering what I did to deserve such awesome kids? I have already been to traffic class (UGH) and have been outside cleaning out the gutters. It is a gorgeous day! ENJOY!

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