Oct 14, 2007

Aww the day of rest!

Dont know how much resting we will do, but there is always a certain amount of PEACE on Sundays isnt there? We are up and getting ready for church. Our church has moved into their new building so its exciting to go and see how things have evolved and how great God is working there.

Tomorrow Hannah gets her big cast off and I have to tell you, I have seriously been praying for a miraculous recovery and hoping she can go from this cast to a brace. One that SHE can walk on. She is still working with her "crunches" but cant maneouver them well at all. I know this ole crutch is getting over the whole dragging her around everywhere. Lord willing, she also returns to SCHOOL!!! WOOHOOO!

Both of these cards are from my scrap stash. Just fiddling around trying to use up some of my stuff. Cause see....my darling mommy ordered me my Birthday present. And I am soooooo excited to get these. Since I have made the promise to ONLY use scraps I want to go ahead and get done with them so when my bounching Bellas come in I will have full reign and can play play play!!!

Heather is of course dreading the return back to school and has been wishing for Fall Break to start all over again.

Ron is doing wonderful!! The doctor rearranged his medication and he is like a different person. Hes calm. Hes productive. OH MY GOSH! Wonders never cease. I am thankful for this answered prayer and I hope it continues. Thank you again for all of the prayers for this recently.

I am good. Still trying to figure out if I am dieing with my recent spider bite. Yesterday I got bit while out cleaning out the gutters. It hasnt swollen and the shooting pain up and down my arm has gone away. Now I just have a small discoloration of the size of a silver dollar and it feels like I have been burned. Like heat burn. I feel fine other than that and I guess will just watch it for the rest of the weekend. UGH! Another distraction is just what I needed.

Still busy with renovations and of course the every day domestic clean up. Hope that you are doing well! Enjoy the glorious day!

Love B

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