Oct 7, 2007

A glorious day!

A beautiful day here. I haven't had a chance to stamp anything, but I wanted to update each of you on the saga of my life.

Hannah is doing well. Her nights are still not going well, but other than that she is healing and her spirits are high. She enjoyed getting out and about today to see the sunshine and to go to church. She wasnt able to go to Children's church, but I know she enjoyed the attention she did get.

Heather had a nice day and was so helpful around here.

So...I am merely here to give you a pep talk for the week. Take time out to hug someone. If you are struggling with a family member. If would rather throw your shoe at your boss than even dare to go on with your day...take time to breathe and tell someone you care about them. Even if it is just a simple compliment...of 'wow...that color looks really nice on you'.

I have to be reminded of this constantly as I get so wrapped up in my surroundings that I forget things are really ok.

So go now....stamp something! Then bless someone with it!

Much love

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