Oct 6, 2007

Its Fall BREAK!

Does that mean I finally can have a nervous break down legally? Oh ok...just means I get to have more stress next week as BOTH of my children are here to grace me with their loving presence---ALL day EVERY day!

It was an eventful week to say the least and I am glad that we are coming to the week END. Ron learned from his doctor that the new medication they had prescribed for him was giving him an adverse reaction. AWWW! So now he has a reason for being a blooming moron for the last week. Hmmm...wonder what other reasons are out there? He is off of all the medication and I think, with all prayers in line he is doing a whee bit better today.

Hannah is healing still, though the swelling has now set it and it is more important than ever that she keep her leg up, its also more difficult than ever to keep her still enough to KEEP the foot up in the air. She is doing wonderful though and we are getting into routine quite nicely. We have learned how to bathe and wash hair all with the help of my kitchen counters and such. I think we MIGHT make it through this.

These two cards (the top being from a good friend Nelda Deakins) are done using Twinkling H2Os and oh my gosh they are gorgeous!! I have had so much fun with them. They work perfectly with my House Mouses and have been a treat to use. THANK YOU for convincing me that I NEEDED these!

On this Mouse I used the clear glass over the bulb. IRL it looks all shiney and dimensional.

This great technique of using the transparencies and Pearl Essence Powders that Kathie Hatfield taught us at reatreat. VERY neato. The pumpkin is a transparency. The leaf is as well and I pop-dotted it on.

I am not sure about this stamp. I got it in my goodie bag at retreat and it is slowly growing on me. I certainly dont know what the heck its use is. Or what exactly it is for that matter. But I have always said there is no such thing as a BAD stamp. So here she is...my rolling bird.
I once again, used a retreat method of distressing the paper. Though, since I dont own DISTRESSED inks I used my regular dye inks using a spritz of water to give it more mobility. It did work, but certainly not as easily as the DISTRESSED inks. I once again hit it with the Twinkling H2Os as well. VERY INTERESTING.

Have a great weekend. Hey...did you KNOW that today is national Card Making day? Go make one!!!! GO!
Also, dont forget to send me your submissions of the contest. I cant wait to pass on and post the winners!
Enjoy your day. Enjoy your surroundings, you have no idea when or how brutally they can be turned upside down and changed...it could be better or it could be worse. Be blessed!

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