Apr 9, 2016

Smile with Stickles!

More Mojo Fun.  It is simple but again I really love the colors.

  • Bullet my entire day.  Ummm this is kinda boring but here we go, here is yesterday's day: ♦ wake up ♦ take meds ♦ go pee ♦ brush teeth ♦ start coffee ♦ shower ♦ get dressed ♦ do hair and make up ♦ get coffee ♦ make & eat an egg ♦ moved stuff into new purse I got ♦ worked on computer for about 4 hours ♦ talked to friend while working ♦ let the cats in and out at least 15 times ♦ Talked with client ♦ made & ate lunch with Hannah ♦ worked for another 2-3 hours ♦ Texted mom about stuff in May ♦ Went to hardware store to get stuff Hannah needed for school project ♦ Went to Starbucks and chatted with Hannah, enjoyed time ♦ Back home to make & eat dinner ♦ Took Hannah to meet her dad ♦ Stopped by the store on my way home ♦ Cleaned up kitchen ♦ More work on the computer ♦ Talked with a friend regarding plans for Saturday night ♦ Watched SuperNatural ♦ Talked with another friend on phone ♦ Watched more SuperNatural and fell asleep in there somewhere.  Yeah boring.  :)  However I kinda like it that way.  
  • A quote I try to live by:  Ummm This too shall pass?  Be the rainbow in someone's cloud.
  • Favorite color.  I love purple but I especially like pink with sparkles.  I love purple cause it can be soft and flowing or deep and rich.  And pink with sparkles is my total personality!
  • Five fears that I have.  1. Insecurity (financially, emotionally, physically...) 2. Snakes 3. Drowning 4. People not liking me 5. Losing use of my hands
  • 3 random songs on my playlist.  Budapest, George Ezra (Ohhh I like that song) Pencil Thin Mustache, Jimmy Buffet & Give it Away, George Strait   What do I think about them?  I love them all.  :)  Duh, they are on my playlist.
  • My Zodiac sign is Scorpio.  Yeah I think it is pretty fitting, however I don't think I am as big of a witch as it says and there's no way I like sex as much as they say either.  Jus sayin
  • Morning routine: havent I already said this like 3 times?
  • Family member  I dislike.  Hmmmm....Probably the closest one to this is Ron (my almost ex).  
OK we'll save the rest for tomorrow.  I have bored ya all enough today.


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