Apr 10, 2016


Mojo 421.  Friends.  I love these colors. 

  • Something I miss:  I miss my childhood.  All the great people in it. 
  • Four weird traits that I have? 1. I have an obsessive sweet tooth.  I ♥ candy (& cake).  2.  I hum (a lot) 3. Clutter drives me bonkers, but I am not a neat freak.  4.  I interrupt (bad habit)
  • Four things I'd say to an ex:  *ahem* clears throat ... Nicely?  1.  I am not as awful as you say I am. 2. I am going to be ok no matter what 3.  I hope you learn from your mistakes, cause I am pretty sure your next wife won't be as forgiving.  4.  Thank you for all the memories, theyve made me who I am today.  
  • What I wore today: Tan capris, black sandals, black tshirt
  • Word or phrase do I say constantly?  Ummm... damn a duck. Mother heifer, how is every little thing? and Take care of you.  Awesome.
  • My 21st Birthday.  I remember going out and partying in Nashville.  That's it, that is all I remember.
  • One thing I am excited for.  Kinda general, but my future.  If it will ever just come on!
Yay!  I finished!  Now you know a bunch of random hoodalolly about me that you didnt know you needed to know.  


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McStamper said...

Hi. Love your card idea today. I was reading your writing challenge and things you miss. I was so touched by it that I had to comment. I thought I was the only person who felt like that. I had such a wonderful childhood and miss my parents every day, even though they have been gone a long time. Okay, have to get a tissue. I enjoy your blog and inspiration. Gilda M