Apr 8, 2016

More Random

  • Someone who fascinates me.  I guess Trace Adkins.  He was shot by his wife, nearly died, served in the military, has written a book, of course is incredibly good looking and just an all around good guy.  I love seeing what he does next.
  • I have one tattoo.  It is a cat looking away.  Just a silhouette.  It is a symbol that I can do anything that I want to.  I am free to make my own choices.
  • My favorite book ever is probably THE MARK OF A LION (trilogy) it was such an awesome story of love.  The only real book I ever remember hating was The Stand by Stephen King.  I read it all the way through and hated the ending.  Never read another Stephen King book again.  I am however into book 2 of The Dark Tower series now.
  • Ageism.  Well considering I had to look up what it means, my view on it is that I don't have a view.  I don't think people should be limited by their age, however certain things require a certain age.  No offence but if I walked into a tanning salon to see an old man in a wheel chair with skin cancer spots all over himself, I don't think it would be as great of a sale as the typical beach bunny young chickadees give.
  • Bananas is the biggest fruit I dislike.  Just yick.  Not a fan.  The taste I guess.
  • Relationship status:  Nothing.  I am not single and I am definitely not still married.  I don't want to say separated cause that kind of means that there is a chance of togetherness again...and uh no.  So almost divorced?
  • 2 words or phrases that make me laugh.  Wonder Dontit.  A friend and I coined this phrase many years ago.  I dunno, makes ya wonder dont it?  And ummmm... I dunno on another.
  • My commute to and from work.  Ohhhh a tough one.  LOL.  I get up, go pee, take my meds, start the coffee, shower, get dressed, make up etc., walk 10 more steps and I am at my office, coffee in hand. 
  • My life in 7 years.  I hope to be remarried by then (of course knowing my luck we will still be in divorce battles...mwahahahaha) ummmm probly have a few grandbabies by then.  Living in the woods, enjoying life.  Traveling, seeing things and experiencing life.  The only thing I can guarantee is that I WILL BE happy!
  • Three pet peeves.  1. People who have poor grammar.  I am not talking about geographical changes.  I mean like saying I have a dog for sell.  Or let me ax you a question.  2. People mad at me and not telling me why.  UGH.  Tell me so I can defend myself or fix it!  3.  Mistreatment of animals.

So yeah, there is more of that.  Things are good here.  I planted my herbs again.  I also planted a couple of veggie plants. We of course have to keep mobile so I can't do a lot.  But it made me feel better doing a little bit.

Here is #281.


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