Mar 4, 2016

On the lighter side

Whew!  Yesterday my blog post was a little deep.  I think I wrote it more for me than I did for you all.  I needed to remind myself that the decisions I have made have not always been the greatest, they are exactly the ones I have needed to get to where I am right here and right now and that is not a bad thing. 

So here we have the final MOJO of the week.  I will post a couple of non-sketch cards this weekend.

So Hannah and I have kinda taken on a new hobby.  One of the latest waves of style to be making a come back is the 40s n 50s pinup.  It is fun and spunky.  No, I am not talking about the ones showing their garter belts and all of that.  I mean the conservative style but very well dressed and expressive.  It is fun to find new hair styles.  The poofy dresses and perfectly manicured nails adorned in candy apple red is fun.  I think it is one of the most beautiful eras in fashion and I love that it is slowly creeping back into today's world.  We have spent lots of time sharing new YouTube videos and looking for new outfits.  Silly--maybe, but it sure is a lot of fun!!!

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