Mar 6, 2016

Cake, Spaghetti Sauce and Faith

What a gorgeous and beautiful weekend it is out there!  I hope that you are getting out there and enjoying it!  Everything is actually really good here.  I have a busy week ahead but I am super excited! 

So three weeks ago, I changed to a drastically reduced gluten diet.  It sucks.  Sorry, no other word would come close to covering how I feel about this.  It just sucks.  We went bowling and I thought I was gonna take out a five year old and his entire Birthday party group for their cake.  I have dreams about cake.  Cake.... seriously---cake has ruled my thoughts.

Crazy I know!!  Anyways---so I binged this weekend.  I ate cake...omg! It was amazing!!  However ummmm I feel like double dog dookie now.  Yeah I am paying for that thing I couldn't live with out. 

 How easy life would be if we just would leave the stuff that wasn't good for us alone right? How easy life would be if we learned to be patient and wait for the things that WERE good for us.   If only real life didn't make me feel like everyone else was eating cake while I sit here and munch on a gluten free cracker.  I get frustrated and jealous cause I wanta eat cake too.  Even though my body has told me time and time that cake doesn't make it happy.  Hashimoto's Disease is to thank for that.  YAY. Even though God has also told me to be patient, I get frustrated with that too.

I KNOW that I feel better when I avoid cake.  I know that my life would also be great if I'd just be patient and calm and have faith.   Really, I just wanta have a good old fashioned temper tantrum ---in the middle of a super market.  I want to pull spaghetti sauce off the shelves and throw them against the tiled floor.  I wanta yell and scream.  I wanta get mad and I don't wanta be told to get over it.  I am ready for the next level.  I am ready for more answers.

So I've had my weekend of fun.  I had my cake and though I didn't go and to the grocery store and have my epic meltdown I did have a good pow wow  with God.  Once again I was told to be patient, to keep the course and to have faith in Him.  ~sigh~  Thank you Jesus for reminding me that faith is important and really faith is all we need.  So I press on!!  Right after I get over the misery of eating the stupid cake and getting my feelings hurt from being told to wait, yet some more.  

I am certain that my view of this reality will become clouded again, I will want to eat the cake and I will want to throw the fit.  I will probably do both several more times.  I wish I were one of those people that learn the first go around but I am not.   I am grateful that the only harm I did this weekend was cause a rebellion in my body, I am glad I am not having to explain my way out of a spaghetti fiasco as well.  Proof that God really does now what is best.

More Unity Stamps (and a SU!) -- So much fun to color.  

So today, those of you that can eat cake without your body attacking itself please EAT CAKE.  Eat it for me.  Enjoy every morsel.  Walmart white cake with white icing is my favorite.  YUUUM.  Until I have another lapse in judgement I will lean on God for my life's plan and return the cake to my dreams for the sake of my body as well.  

Go, be blessed!

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