Mar 7, 2016

More Mojo, and perception

OK, so this puppy dog set is my mom's.  I have used it so much!  Giving it back is going to be tough.  :)  So here is another Mojo for you.  I didn't have time to whip up this week's challenge this morning but I will get to it later in the week.  I told you it is a crazy week--so I think I am doing pretty dang good to even get a blog post up at all.  :) 


Isnt that the truth?  I know I would be sunk completely if I didn't have my friends.  The new ones and of course my trusty peeps. They keep me from sitting at home alone, they keep me on my toes.

So today I got to have lunch with one of my bestest buds.  We had the best time.  I then met with a new client!  Nailed it!!  WOOHOOO!  I know I have mentioned a few hundred thousand times, but here is one more--I love my job!

So I am here at Starbucks.  I have been trying to polish a campaign for a realtor and thought I might get more accomplished if I didn't have other things to do (like I do at home).  I was just sitting here brainstorming in my mind and noticed that the table in front of mine was missing.  I looked around the cafe for missing table.  It was then that I noticed that I have it.  Mwahaha.  When I set up my portable office I didn't realize that I was double dipping in space.  It was just like that when I came in.  I was thrilled that I got my favorite space, (in the corner, chair facing cafe--)  I wasn't paying too much attention to the accommodations.  I wonder how often this happens?

I've got a person worried about me because they think I am depressed and barely hanging on.  Then I have other (most) people that think I am remarkably strong and doing really good.  Truth of the matter I think I am kinda somewhere there in the middle but closer to the latter.  Most days are amazing.  I am really having a lot of fun, I am getting to do things I have never done before and meeting some great people.  Some days I get wrapped up in my emotions, but those are not often.  My point is--everything is a matter of perception.  I didn't even realize that I was the table hog, I just noticed the missing furniture.  People can think you are sad or crazy or happy or whatever, but every thought by every single other person is just a perception.  How are you really?  What you think of yourself is all that matters.

I have awesome kids, a nice home, a fantastical job, and AMAZING friends.  No, I am not where I wanta be.  Yes I feel like I am stuck in limbo until the divorce is over, but things are good.  I am definitely not complaining.  It will just make my future that much sweeter when I get there huh?  Of course I get impatient and want to be there already.  However as I said before, I know I have to have patience.

Besides, springtime in Tennessee.  70° and sunny.  I am not stuck in an office....really how bad can things be?  In fact I am thinking that I might stop by Walmart and pick me up a new fishing rod and minnow bucket and head to the lake sometime this week (in between meetings and appointments).  Of course getting the fish off the line will be a whole new experience, and heaven help me if I catch a catfish--  cause ew ew ew!!!  I am pretty sure I can do it though--   right?...Anyone want to volunteer to be my catfish getter offer?  LOL

This week---lots of appointments, for work, legal, medical and of course some too awesome and amazing friends.  A couple of dates with my favorite 14 year old and just some living.  Life is good!!

For now tho, I guess I need to load up my office here and head on home to my girl.  I think we are gonna watch some movies tonight.  I think my hands are feeling better since my gluten explosion this weekend so I might be able to get some coloring done.

Oh and one of you asked what happens to me when I eat Gluten.  I may have made it sound like my body explodes when I eat it.  No, I wish--that might curtail my desire for cake.  Actually when I first eat it NOTHING happens.  It generally is the next day.  When I eat it on a constant basis my body gets more and more immune to it (or at least the shock of it).  However when I take it out of my diet the reaction to it is more severe.  My joints feel like someone has poured lava in them, a low hands and feet then feel like I have had them in a tourniquet for awhile, they tingle, are hard to move and ache.   They swell and are just impossible.  Doing ANYTHING meticulous with my hands is difficult.  Even signing my name is hard.  I am definitely not saying gluten free is the answer for everyone.  No, it is not a fad thing I am doing.  It is something that I know I have to do to be able to function.  I have more energy and less brain fog without it.  Hashi's is tough, 99% of the time I feel good. Those days that I don't feel good though can flatten me out.  So when the days I am down start to happen more often I look for ways to change what I am doing.  People often see this as depression or laziness.  They don't understand that it can literally take all my power to just function on the most basic of levels.  My desire to sleep is overwhelming.  It is not mental.  It is physical.  So when I eat gluten all of the time I just kind of mumble along.  I dont always feel bad, but I do not ever really feel great either.  My lifestyle doesnt really handle being down too much.  So I up the workout, walk a little more and cut the crap out of my diet.   I get just makes the times that I "cheat" all the more painful.

Do I still want yes.  Will I eat cake again, yeah I am sure :)  

Alright folks, I am over n out!  Enjoy this amazing weather!  Love life!

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