Feb 15, 2016

I love people who are eloquent

Do you have friends who just have a way with words?  Ones that can say a bagillion awful things in one neatly wrapped package?  I have a couple of friends that can do this and it totally cracks me up.  Very much the equivalent of Bless Your Heart here in the South.  You can say ANYTHING followed by Bless Your Heart and it automatically makes it ok.  OMIGOSH!  That baby is as ugly as the day is long....bless his heart. It seems almost like it is more of a new punctuation mark than a clause.  LOL 

So as you all know, from my last few blog posts I am not always the most logical acting person.  I can come up with reasoning that will leave you scratching your head.  I have to tell ya though, a friend of mine summed me up pretty good when he made the following statement:  

"She's a Wyoming girl who's been marinated in the South 
for 20 years.  Wyoming tough and Southern crazy."   

I am a nice person by nature.  Almost to a fault.  In fact my being "nice" tends to burn me on a regular basis.  However I am learning that taking NO for an answer is not acceptable.  If I am going to succeed in this world, I need to step up to the plate.  Not only for myself, but for my kids.  I have really had to grasp who I am as a woman.  A woman that has NEVER been on her own.  A woman that has NEVER had to worry about a funny noise that the car is making.  If something was wrong with the house I had someone to tell.  Whether they had the answers to fix it or not was another story, but I had someone to share the problems with.  Now, those car troubles are mine.  If something is wrong with the house it is my duty to fix it or call someone who can.  I am still not a fan of being alone and I don't guess that I ever will be, but I am learning to depend on myself.  This one of the scariest and most rewarding feelings a girl can have.  I have fixed plumbing and electrical.  I have actually had a conversation with a car repairman that did not completely intimidate me.  I have made phone calls on my own, that I have always had the luxury of a partner to make for me in the past.  It is empowering to really learn that having a husband is really nice, and I hope to marry again someday, but it will be because I want a man, not because I need someone just to take care of me.  It is nice knowing that all of my Wyoming survival skills haven't been completely lost.  As far as the Southern Crazy....let me just say:  Bless your heart.  Hahahahha...Just Kidding!

So can I just join in with the rest of the state and beg for Summer??  Yesterday it snowed.  Then it sleeted, then in rained and snowed some more.  Today it has just rained all day.  Outside looks like a big mud puddle and of course my attitude goes right along with it.  Yes of course I have my Ott lights all fired up.  I have happy music blaring.  I have called a few people on the phone that make me laugh and I even got inky this morning.  Yeah...I think Id need to swallow the entire lamp to really get a true SUNNY DAY feeling.

So this is another fun stamp huh?  I Stickled her little dress on Velum and of course I had a few of these HAPPYs cut out from our stamp retreat last spring.  I have been getting a little inky today.  I have to keep reminding myself that if I get creative then my mojo for getting work accomplished is quadrupled as well.  Business is going well.  Too bad I can't make them one and of the same huh?


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