Jan 27, 2016

Warning Labels

Told ya I was in a cutesy mood this week.  Love this little guy don't you?  The first card is just me shading a bit with one color and then of course the second is colored.

So I read something the other day that asked if you had a warning label what would it say?  Would you warn people that you talk in your sleep?  Maybe you have the uncontrollable urge to choke someone when they chew with their mouth open?  Maybe it is deeper than that.  Obviously they put warning labels on things cause some idiot has already experienced the consequences.  You know...like do not use the waffle iron in the bathtub.  Not sure how they got THAT one, but it does mean that some poor soul was running late for work and decided to get 2 things done at the same time.  Yeah...ok....Ill leave THAT visual alone.

Seriously though, what would be on yours?  It was hard for me to pick just one.  It was hard for me to not need one of those pamphlets that keeps unfolding.  I feel like I have so many disclaimers that I almost need my own really fast talking dude to recite them.

So this one is one I made really fast.  Probly not the BEST choice of what I can put here.  But I think it kinda sums up a few instances lately.  I hate it though.  I always give people the benefit of the doubt.  If you had to put a warning label on me, what do you think it should say?  You?  What would yours say?


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