Jan 20, 2016

I Do Not Have to Be Intelligent, I Have a Phone

My book.  Wow.  I feel so "grown-up" saying that.  I feel like a brand new parent all over again.  A new baby to coddle and love on.  Once again I am nervous and always second guessing my gut instincts.  I love it though.  I love getting the words out of my head and painting the pictures that I see so vividly into words.  However it is really frustrating when this child of mine wakes me with a thought at 5 am.  I scribble down notes on a notebook I have now strategically placed on my night stand and try my best to go back to sleep.  Yeah, it only took me having to get all the way out of bed and make the trek to my desk a dozen times before I got smart and brought the paper to me.  Unfortunately going back to sleep hasn't gotten easier, but at least I can lay there and flop around pretending like I am getting an hour more of rest.

This little card is WAY out of my comfort zone.  I have had these stickers for forever.  I loved them.  I fell in love with them.  I had to have them.  So I have held them waiting for the perfect time to use them.  I loooove this little set.  The steam punk shoes.  Yes to go with this saying they probably need to ruby in color but then that wouldn't match the butterfly, so there you have it.  Maybe they are just sparkly blue slippers??

Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times.  And think to yourself, "there's no place like home".

A friend of mine and I have been talking a lot about HOME lately.  The childhood we grew up with.  The way things used to be.  Funny how my HOME is no longer standing and my hometown is NOTHING like what it was when I was a kid, I still get nostalgic for "home".  The times when life was simpler.  When you went to town and you knew almost every single person you saw on the street.  You would hear of someone's illness simply by word of mouth.  You would only hear the local news either by listening to the local radio or reading one of 2 news papers or of course by word of mouth.  There was no such things as cellphones and social media.  If you wanted to talk with someone you had to remember their phone number or at least where you put the paper in which you had it written on.  Then you had to hope and pray that they were near the phone when you called, because *gasp* phones had cords that were connected to the wall.  People actually got mail.  Not just bills and junk mail, but actual letter.  I remember writing my cousin Stacy long before we ever met in real life.  Now we both fall out of our seat if either one of us actually send a snail mail letter.  Now we Facebook message and text often.

I guess that is another reason I like cards so much.  They take people back home.  Something that our grandchildren and their kids may not have the luxury of even comprehending.  Already my kids hardly know what it is like to have a home phone aka a land line.  They didn't have to look things up in the Encyclopedias.  Everything is now instant.  As I talk to this friend and we recall a certain movie or an actor that we can't quite remember it isn't long before one of us has Google open and is looking for the instant answer.  I have come to the realization of why I can't remember anything.  I do not have to!!  Google does it for me.  If you were to take away my phone right now and tell me to call my daughter using another phone I wouldn't be able to do it.  The list of medication I am allergic to is quite extensive, but I do not have it memorized cause it is ON MY PHONE!  I have important numbers, insurance information and my kids live's in photos all on my phone.  Mind you, I use Dropbox and I do backup my phone daily to the cloud both of which are password protected.  My phone, however is the key to all of that.  My phone helps Hannah and I get through Algebra.  My phone has been a flashlight, a movie screen, a radio, a webcam and a lifeline to my daughters.  

Scary how one device has taken over so much of our lives.  I look forward to the day that my phone doesn't play such a huge role in my life.  I know, some of you are asking...why wait?  Well you see...the the truth of the matter is--  I don't know. 

I mean I really do not have any good reason.  I mean I love talking with my friends and family.  I love the texts I get from my daughters.  I love being able to get instant information.  I love all that.  So why is it all going to change.  Because the future I envision for myself is taking me back to home.  No, not back to Jackson.  I can not go back there.  For one, I am not rich enough and for two, that home is no longer there.  I mean home in the sense of the word.  Where life is simpler, where you reach for the tools that were designed to help you, like flashlights, calculators and oh I don't know, maybe a stamp and an envelope instead of a few clicks and a send.  No of course I am not giving up my phone completely.  But I want to reclaim some of myself that I have lost to this electronic age.  I am excited to get outdoors, learn new things and experience life.

However, like my post from yesterday says....one must be patient.  One must trust in the Lord and know that His timing is perfect.  For now, I prepare.  For now I thrive where I am. 


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