Jan 21, 2016

It is the Little Things

Last night I was blessed with a phone call that has the potential to totally change my life.  While speaking with this person I was gifted more opportunities than I can even dream up, let alone believe.  Her passion and energy was overwhelming.  What was even more amazing was that she wants to share it with me.  ME!!!  She wants me by her side.  This is HUGE for my business.

I have worked with this realtor before.  I adore her and of course left on very good terms when I had to part ways before.  I always gave her my best work.  I did everything in my power to do my job well for her.  This is why she did not hesitate to not only hire me again, but also to endorse me in many other endeavors!  OHMYGOSH!  This is so exciting and I am literally having a really hard time sitting in my chair or even form full sentences.

This card is perfect for today.  It IS the little things that matter the most.  What she is doing for me is remarkable. What she is offering me is out of this world exciting.  To her...it may not be much.  For me...it is a true blessing.

Go. Right now.  Right this very moment.  Give a compliment, offer a hand, buy someone coffee or give the cat an extra pet.  Do something little.  I promise that seed you plant, WILL come back around.  It's the little things that bless our lives the most.


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