Jan 16, 2016

A Novel

A novel.  Me.  Me writing a novel?  Seriously?  Me?  If you had asked me that a few months ago if I was interested in writing?  I would have laughed in your face.  I would have told you that you are completely insane and wrong.  Just plain wrong.  However it is a proven fact that when you converse with others and you spend time with people their energy and passions can, and often times will creep over into your own world.  I absolutely love hearing the ideas of my writer friends.  Their passion is intense and their imaginations are contagious.  So, yes I have been throwing around a couple of ideas in my own head.  Do I expect to make the New York's Best Seller's List?  Well, no maybe not.  But I can guarantee you that there is not another book on the market about this subject.  How do I know? I know, because I have LOOKED!  High and low.  I have been searching for exactly the words I am writing.  Maybe it is because my topic (to be released at a later date) is truly all a farse as so many professionals proclaim.  Maybe I am completely off base and will have nothing more than a bunch of letters on a page. I wish I could share more with you, but just know that I am very very passionate about it.  Am really excited to get it onto paper and share my story with the rest of the world.  

So, I am sitting in a Starbucks.  Now before you all freak out I am NOT a Starbucks junkie.  In fact today I had intended to plug myself in at Panera Bread.  After looking for a secluded table (none available), looking at the line full of people and just hearing the overwhelming hum of the crowd.  I decided that I might find a better place to write.  This particular Starbucks is beautiful.  Good music.  Okay coffee.  Great work space.  

What is really fascinating though is there is a group of people sitting near me.  They are all obviously in production.  They are discussing songs they've written and pitched.  They are discussing screenplays and other things that they are involved in.  The common denominator between them is they all have passion.  Obviously they are all in the peak of their careers.  They are excited and in love with what they are doing.  Mind you, I couldn't care any less what they are talking about. I have no interest in the upcoming screenplays and I truly wouldn't be able to tell you who ANY of them were if I had to.  I love being near people like that though.  Their energy is so phenomenal.  I am learning daily to reach beyond dreams.  Reach further.  In order to do such you have to surround yourself with good energy.  Even if you have to mooch it off of unknowing groups of people at Starbucks. 

So today--GO!  Go find you some energy and put that energy towards your passion!  I double dog dare you!

Be blessed!

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