Jan 15, 2016

So excited!!

I seriously LOVE this girl.  These stamps remind me so much of my great grandparents.  The old man (not on this card obviously) and this lady.  You can just hear them bickering back n forth in their raspy voices.  

So...you?  Do you have anything that you are super excited for?  Tell me!  I want to know.  I have lot's of things I am uber excited for in the future.  But my therapist is trying desperately to keep me in the moment and finding JOY in the present.  I can honestly say I am excited for each day.  Everything that is going on now is all new.  It's is scary as hell on most days, but I am learning (often times the WRONG way) all kinds of stuff.  I love it!  I can say I know more about a few subjects than I ever cared to.  But knowledge is power right??

Hannah is studying about the government.  Anyone who knows me, knows I do NOT do politics.  But in helping her and of course the constant saturation of it on Social Media I have had no choice but to educate myself some.  No, I am not about to discuss who I am voting for on here, nor do I really care who you are voting for.  My only recommendation is  just to go and vote.  

A friend of mine is extremely educated on the subject of current events.  I love the challenge they give me to keep up with them.  I love the conversations that ensue.  So my point in telling you this is...go and challenge yourself.  I dont care if it is to learn more about the people that are battling for the next presidency or how to build a computer from scratch.  I challenge you to work your brain.  Learn a new language or to play an instrument.  Do something to grow yourself!

Go, and be blessed!

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