Jan 8, 2016

A Challenge For You

One thing that Hannah and I are both doing is reading more.  She of course has her stuff that she has to read for school, but we (and Heather too) are trying to check off all the boxes on this Reading Challenge List as well.  Wanta play along with us?  I will pin this photo over on the sidebar so that you can find it later.  What are you reading right now?  Can you recommend it?  Right now I am reading a book that is chosen by my BFF called The Gunslinger by Stephen King.  It is definitely a challenge for me because it is not the normal fluffy books that I tend to choose.  I LOVE branching out and being able to discuss the book with them makes me very happy.  So I challenge you to grab a friend and join us.  My goal for this year is to read 21 books.  Hahaha, not too many years ago I couldn't have read 21 pages let alone full books.  I hated to read.  It was disastrously boring and absolute torture.  Thankfully I have found how wonderful and soothing it is and it is not painful anymore.  Each cover bound stack of papers is a whole new world, one that I look forward to every evening.

This card is another simple one.  It says THINKING OF YOU WITH SYMPATHY DURING THIS DIFFICULT TIME.  The stickers on the side just have a bit of shading that I added.  I hate that it is so, but I find I always need more sympathy cards than what I have ready made so I have been trying to stock them a little bit lately.  

I hope that you find peace in your world today.  
Go and bless someone - 

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