Jan 9, 2016

Cats, Cucumbers and a Card

There is nothing that makes me laugh harder than crazy cat videos.  Seriously....if you are stressed or sad or lonely or even if you are the exact opposite of those, cat videos are the answer to everything.

Sadly, my first attempt to scare our felines with a cucumber only resulted in a lot of dirty looks and glares.  Majik tried to eat the cucumber.  Edgar Allan just looked at it like...why are you putting vegetables on the floor.  And Felix tried to bury it.  However I have not lost all hope yet.  I will try different techniques.

Don't you just love these colors?  I think there is nothing more classy than pink and white and black.  Yeah I kinda like pink on everything.

So how are YOU today?  Have you started reading?  Are you conquering your New Year's Resolutions?  I personally didn't make any this year.  My goal  is simply to find JOY. I am still recovering from my horse fall.  Geesh, whodathunk it would take forever??  I am slowly adding back in my weight routine and starting to move around easier but I am certainly not looking to do any heavy weight lifting any time soon.  I am reading more and doing more things that are challenging to my brain and my soul.  Trying to get involved in some local happenings and find new things to keep me busy.  I hope you are right on track with your goals, if not, what are you gonna do about it?  Make a point today to change one thing!  For me...I think I need to go drink my weight in water, been slacking in that area lately.


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