Jan 7, 2016

Getting Inky Again!

So 2016 is the year of new beginnings!!  I am soooooo excited for my darling PokeyDot!  She has flown the nest and is off to live her life!  Yes, she is still in school and is gearing up for the Spring Semester.  She moved to Oregon last week.  Ready to take the world by the horns.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  Knock em dead baby girl!!!  I am so excited for your adventures.  

I FINALLY was able to get inky again.  I have to say my crafting expedition more closely resembled a comedy scene than that of a creative one.  I lost my scissors at least 6 times, dropped a whole box of papers (upside down of course) and went on a wild goose chase for a blade replacement for my cutter that I KNEW I just had earlier in the week.  Seriously!?  Anyways...I did manage to get a few cards created.  I feel energized and revitalized.  Funny how certain things do that.  I did not realize how much I was missing my pencils and my paper.  

I know this card is really simple, but I love that!!    Just a bit of flowers and some string and tada!

How bout you?  Have you done what makes YOU happy?  For some that is coloring, for others it is fishing or maybe you like to read or write or play video games.  Really it doesn't matter what it is that you like to do, make time today to do exactly that. I promise you will not regret it!  In fact the peace that you will gain from it will be astounding.

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