Jul 6, 2015

May the Season

I have been working really hard this year on preparing for Christmas all year long.  So when December gets here I wont be frantically trying to make something out of nothing and be too broke to even do that.  I don't know what it is about that time of the year but it always is crazy and I am bound and determined to NOT have that happen again.  I will be sharing soon how I am doing this and what my steps are.  I promise you can do it too even if you are not one of those people that go shopping the day after Christmas (cause I am SOOO not!).

This set is so pretty isn't it?  I got it last year from Stampin Up! and I just love the simple elegance it has.  This is just ink and paper.  You KNOW how hard that is for me.  But I truly think it is an image that stands alone and doesn't need a lot of layers and accents don't you think?  We have SEVERAL cardinals that live in the tree on the other side of our driveway.  We don't see them so much in the spring and summer months but in the cooler fall days and into winter it looks like God painted little red dots all over the branches.  

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