Jul 3, 2015

Still Got It

I did this little card at one of the crops I went to last fall.  HA!  I am just NOW sharing it with you.  I am THAT good at blogging huh?  Anyways..this was my submission for a little challenge they had there to use these little word stickers. Kinda cute.  I remember that day I had forgotten my black outlining pen and NOTHING I did looked right.  Do you know, I now carry one with me in my PURSE! One CANNOT ever be unprepared like that again! I think the stickers are kinda a little much for the card, but it was fun anyways.

And of course the inside:

Doesn't the lady in this image look like she could be a busy body?  I bet she has a little something to say about everyone, all while blessing their little hearts.  I bet she'd be a whole lotta fun tho.


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