Jul 7, 2015

Guess What Day It Is??

It is TEAPOT TUESDAY!  The rules are really quite simple.  Go on line or to your own personal collection, take a photo and be inspired by it!  Use the shape or the color or the style and create your masterpiece!  Have fun with it.  In honor of our holiday this week I of course chose nothing less than our red, white and blue!  

I am not so in love with my coloring here.  I think my box looks too dingy and  it just doesnt look right to me.  But I decided I needed to quit messing with it or I was going to end up messing the entire thing up.  This is from one of my favoritest stampsets ever from Gina K.  I remembered when I placed my very first order with Gina K and added something to the remarks in my order form and she called me...personally...she, herself!!  It was like I had received a call from Channing Tatum er something.  OK, well she's no Channing, but I felt just as special.  She just called to say HI and thank me for my order.  How bout THAT for customer service?


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