Jun 30, 2015

DeeDee's Digis Designs

So I have bee graciously allowed to come back to the DeeDee's Digis design team!  I am really excited to work some amazing talent and of course with DeeDee's great art work.

This set is Ice Cream Truck and it is the Set of the Month for July over in her store.  It is soooo sweet.  My photo so does not do it justice and I have taken 26 different ones trying to get a good shot.  Anyways, you can see I used one of the images and made my own back ground paper.  She has an amazing tutorial if digital images scare you, the sky is the limit of what you can do with them!  So fun!

A few months ago I had started some what of a challenge to myself.  To use teapots as inspiration for cards.  I just LOVE this one!!  Isn't it fun??  

And here is my interpretation.  Again, photo not great!!  But the buttons are sewn on and the paper is folded over.  Again these are more great images from DeeDee's Digis!  

So I have contracted a case of Poison Oak.  We were working out in the cemetery (yes, we have a 1700's one on the back of our property that we are restoring) and I was trying to be careful.  But, well ya just can't BE too careful.  I know exactly when the vine got me and where.  However we came in, stripped and went to the showers.  I used extra precautions while doing laundry and I thought I had made it unscathed.  However a week later I got a rash in the exact place of impact.  I was hit!! Treatment treatment treatment.  I was doing great, until I then ended up with a rash in all sorts of locations.  Ugh!!  No use fighting it, had to go to the doc.  Was gonna post a pic, decided to spare ya the visual.  It is pretty gnarly looking.  Anyways.   I got me a big ol shot and am on my way to recovery! 

My chickie ladies are doing amazing! The big girls are doing great and the babies are about 50% all feathered out.  In the next few weeks I will start putting them in a play pen of sorts to introduce them to the big girls.   They are already in the coop next to them so the girls know they are there.  However, still can't trust them to be loose.

My aunt is here visiting so we are having a really good time!  Busy busy busy though.  Every day is something.  I am so loving it though.  Been a really long time since just her and I can hang together.

All in all we are doing really good.  Hard to believe we are so far into summer already.  Time is just flying!!!!


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