Jun 29, 2015

A Little Dirt

This is the first year that we have had an abundantly successful garden.  Last year we tried, oh but it was pathetic!  We are very blessed this year to say the least.   The corn that I planted on a whim is taller than I am, The cucumbers and squash are nearly reaching all four corners of the fence and I have tomatoes laying over from outgrowing their trellises.  You can also see (though barely) along side of the fence we planted fruit trees.  It will take a few years for these to produce, but we are certainly on our way to be self sufficient.  Living in the country today is far more amazing than yesterday, one can't help but be overly excited for what tomorrow will bring.

Are these two not the cutest little people you have EVER seen?  I had to get creative with them cause they are almost too big to fit onto one card. I LOOOOVE how this turned out tho.  SO FUN!! 

For the fold, I simply took half of a sheet of decorative paper that had a white back.  I folded it so that the back of the folded area was the size of the card and scored it. (This photo doesn't show it, but you want the decorative side facing the inside of the folds.  So that the white flaps are visible on top and you can stamp on those.)

Then I stamped my images on the flaps.  Making sure to align the little lady close enough to be near him but not too close as to be directly in front.  I wish I had a magical tip, I don't though, I simply just eyeballed it.  Then I masked in the flowers and the hose and colored it all with colored pencils.  I then drew a pencil line in for a straight line and cut out the little lady using fine scissors and an exacto knife.  I was a bit frustrated when it was all done because it kept flopping open so I had do use a t-tiny bit of a glue dot just to hold it closed.

Now, when you open it up you already have decorative paper so it is just a matter of adding some cardstock and the sentiment on the inside.

So I told you that I was going to look for some new photography challenges, I have found several and am having a good time getting creative with my shots.  Tho I feel like a complete rookie and am depending wholeheartedly on my camera's auto option.  I am hoping to learn more and more.  There are SOOO many talented people out there that are a wealth of information and give advise so freely, I am really enjoying learning.

So this image is NEW.  The challenge was to interpret NEW.  This is from one of my rose bushes out front.  So sweet.  Interested in joining this challenge too?  Go check out the website here.