Jul 1, 2015

Simple snow

Can you believe that this year is nearly half over????  I mean seriously Christmas is going to be here before we know it!!  This summer has been a bit odd.  We had frost clear into the middle of May.  Now our average temps are in the 70s° and even getting down into the low 60s­° at night.  Anyone who knows middle Tennessee, knows that it doesn't EVER get below 80° between June and September.  I am NOT complaining though.  Sure makes those outside chores a bit easier to handle.  However, ready for Christmas I am definitely NOT!

More photography :)  I hope you are not getting sick of my PLAYING with my camera.  I am having so much fun with these challenges.  These entries are for a FaceBook Group that I joined.  The amount of talent is amazing and I feel like such a total rookie.

Anyways this challenge was for "Ruins".  I decided to walk back to our barn on the back of the property.  Well, what used to be a barn.  It didn't weather one of the big storms we had last fall and now with all of the rain and sun we've had it appears that the earth is swallowing it whole.  We hope to get back and get some of the wood gathered and stacked up so that we can re-purpose it.  However since I am recovering from Poison Oak, you can bet I will be armed with some weed killer.  :)  Yes, I do strongly disagree with pesticides, um I think it might be a needed thing when we venture into this. 

This challenge was for a single flower.  This is Queen Anne's Lace or as I have been recently informed is also a wild carrot.  Hmmm....they say you can eat it.  I am not so sure, as they smell HORRID.  Yes, this is the same flower that comes from the florist.  Costs you a fortune.  It grows wild down both sides of my property. 


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