Mar 30, 2015

Weve got Chemestry

So, my family is remarkably supportive of my obsession hobby.  They love my work and think it's great that I am so passionate.  I am blessed, as I know that many artists are not so appreciated.  However in the midst of my passion I recently realized that I never share it with those I live with.  I mean, I show them everything.  They have to endure my messes fits of inspiration.  They send me to retreats and help cover my duties here on the home front, but they are hardly ever on the receiving end of my creations when it comes time to send them off.  So I am working on creating some cards just for them.  Ones that are all about them.  After all, without them, I am not me.

This is a really cool set that I hijacked from my mom.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my passion is in layers.  The more, the better.  So doing this style of card is a stretch for me.  It is fun to step out of my comfort zone every once in awhile though. Stamping directly on the white is HUGE! I did, however pop one of the beakers up.  Gotta have SOMETHING right??

And the inside of the card.  Cute huh?


Things are beginning to get crazy busy here.  As we get ready for spring.  The planting season, the cleaning and repairing of coops, new fences and just little things around here.  I am really excited for the summer, just wishing that I could wave a magic wand and by pass all of the hard work it is going to take for us to get there.
Girls are both great.  Heather is in head over heals in this writing club and is doing so amazing.  I'm telling you...even though she is going to college and she is pursuing a great education, the girl is going to be a world famous writer.  Her skills are breath taking.  Her imagination amazing and her way with words simply leaves me in awe each time that I read one of her writings.
Hannah Banana is still struggling with headaches.  Though they are easing off and don't seem to be happening QUITE as often as they were.  Were still going rounds with the insurance company.  But hopefully we will get the test she needs soon.  (Insert all kinds of explicative adjectives here of how much I detest insurance.) 

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