Feb 26, 2015

Happy Cuppy Cake Day

Isn't she sooo cute??  She is so much fun to color too.!!
Things are good here this week.  Our snow is finally starting to melt and we are returning back to normal, whatever THAT might be.  :) 
Ive been sick with a cold again..ugh!  Went to doc last night and got a couple of whopping shots!  YOUCH!  But already I am feeling way way way better.  First night back in the gym last night even, it felt great!!
Girls are good today.  We have really been struggling with Hannah's back.  Hoping to see a specialist soon.  She has been getting these massive back pains and then usually a migraine to follow.  Poor little thing has really not felt well for quite some time.  So we took her to doc, not productive as all she did was give her meds for migraines.  Took her to massage therapist that gave us some stuff to do to try to work through the pain.  But still thinking we might need to look further.  So right now she is balancing on an exercise ball doing her school work.  :)  Glad that thing is getting some use!  Today appears to be a good day.
Heather is doing really really really well.  Her health is really great.  Shes feeling better and better every day.  She's starting some classes online and getting very very excited to start college next fall.  She is looking forward to perhaps a summer trip up North to see her friends and do some fun stuff.
Ronnie is doing great too.  Really glad to be back to work this week.  He's doing great!!  He is still having issues with his feet and is so frustrated that a doctor hasn't been able to fix him yet.  He too is looking for new answers.
I, myself am doing great!!  Ready for summer and to get the garden rolling.


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