Jun 11, 2015

You are loved

You know you are really rusty at blogging when you have 12 drafts saved in the que ready to go, but yet you have not put the final touches on and sent them through the chute.  Dang, where are the days that I blogged religiously?  Where I was consistent?  Ho hum.  I'm trying to do better!  I will of course not be the next Pioneer Woman who is now all rich n famous for her spectacular blogging capabilities, but try I must!

Things have been sooooo crazy busy here!!  But all good things. The biggest and greatest...Heather graduated!!!  Yeah!  So excited!  So super proud of her!  She's all registered and anxious to get the college thing going full time.

We went to a local farm, picked our strawberries...

They were soooo goood!  I made a few pints of jam. 

We also planted 100 strawberry plants too.  The garden is in and going well!!!

We redecorated Heather's room.  Turned this attic room into a dungeon!

Gypsy came back to us. We had given her away but her new owners  Apparently she likes to chase cows.  She went to school for a few weeks and now is back with us.  Not so sure I am crazy about the pounds of hair that came with her.  But she is such a good baby.

We remulched everything...pruned and plucked.

We have new babies!!!!!!  These chicks will grow up to lay pretty green and blue eggs.

And Hannah banana is still gorgeous.

There is so much that has been happening that I did not get pics of.  It has been a crazy spring.  Full of family, friends, cleaning, planting, redoing and enjoying.  We even squeezed in a tent camping trip.  Yeah this old fat body is not so good for the ground anymore.


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