Jul 3, 2014

Tater tots n Turkey

So here we have Tater Tot.  This is the little brown chick that came with the nuggets.  Heather has claimed her.  Ha!  Another crazy chicken lady in the making.  LOVE IT! 

Ronnie went to the auction earlier this week.  He got me 2 turkeys, but unfortunately one didnt make it.  It's a lot of stress on them to travel to the auction, sit through the auction and then travel again from there.  But might I introduce you to Beta.  (Her name comes from a fish.  I had a Beta fish named Turkey, so we thought it only fitting to have a Turkey named Beta.)

Shes a little frazzled and I am not 100% convinced that she is going to make it either.  Problem with birds from auction is that you dont really know what youre going to get.  You have no way of knowing where they came from and how they were raised prior to your possession.  I had put her in with my ducks.  That didnt work as she is a bit of a bitty and wouldnt let them near their pool or water.  She is now in the run of the new coop.  Yeah my chicken girls are NOT happy with this set up.  They believe that it was just an added bonus space for them.  Not to replace their own coop because that is where they return to at night.  Yes, theyre spoiled.  Overall it wont work cause I have a trough of chicks on my deck that are growing rapidly and cannot stay up there for long.

This is my show birds.  No, I wont be showing them, but I call them that because they are fancier breeds than my girls.  Polish and Easter Eggers.  They too are in quarantine to be sure they dont have any oogies to share.  I will see if I can get some better photos this afternoon.   Since they are locked up and really really nervous around me it makes it a little more difficult.  I looove the polish's "hair do's" they look like little Einsteins or Bachs. 


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