Jul 4, 2014


I looooooove this stamp set!!  The boxes are all different with different napkins and of course stuff to go in it.  I love mixing and matching it.

For Mother's Day I was enlisted to make a few gift baskets.  I had soooo much fun!!

I loooove doing that sort of thing.  Give me a theme and let me work it!!!

So, today I think we are going downtown Nashville for all of the festivities.  We went once when the girls were really little.  It was just on a whim.  This year we are going prepared with a cooler and chairs. Though we heard on the news that they are doing it all different this year.  Especially since Nashville has been named #2 fireworks in the nation.  Hmmmm 9 million people stuffed on the street.  This should be fun.   It is so cool to hear the symphony play, see the ground show and of course see the fireworks up overhead.

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