Jul 5, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Love this little guy dont you??

So much has been happening.  These are the days that I long for winter.  Though I am certain this winter will prove more difficult with all of my feathereds.  However, during the summer days it seems as though there is never any time for lazy laid back days.  It is always Go Go Go.  Im tired!!  I love my life.  I love everything about it.  I love my family and my home and my pets and friends.  But Im weary and tired.  Yes, my faith is strong.  My relationship with God is good.  So don't go preachin to me that I am not deep enough in my spiritual walk.  I am weary in the sense that I need a day at a spa.  A week?  Yeah...nice.

Since I dont have one scheduled tho, I reckon I best get on out to start my day.  :)  Thankfully, my wild and crazy life is not too torturous!  I hope to share some of our 4th celebration pics with you soon!  Go and be blessed friends!

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