Jul 5, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

OK, so my last post was whiney and awful.  Can I take it back?  No really...can I?  Cause my life is really great.  The weather today is simply unbelievable.  Like maybe 70° and sunny.  Slight breeze.  Beautiful.  This is the view off my deck.  Not too bad huh?

Got my pup here.  Shes still a little high strung from last night.  I had no idea that our neighbors would be shooting off so many fireworks.  She was all sorts of crazy last night when we got home.  Poor girl.  Extra lovins and some time with her today.

And continuation of my view. Here is all my feathered's homes.  Ducks n chickens and turkey.

So last night...The festivities in Nashville.  Amazing.  OK, aside for the 2 dudes right in front of us that thought they were better than anyone else and stood up the entire night.  Oh and did I mention that the two children in their party went on and off the guys' shoulders like 57 times?  No really...like seriously they must have back aches just from lifting them up and down.  Our seats were phenomenal.  Billy Currington rocked it!!  It was awesome!!!  The symphony was amazing.  It was all really really great!

This was part of one of the sets.  The Nashville Symphony playing up on the stage.  There IS a reason Nashville is rated #2 in the nation for 4th of July.  Hard to beat New York with the Statue of Liberty as the back drop, but I definitely think we give em a run for their money.

So anyways.  I guess were gonna try to make good use of the beautiful weather and mark off some of our Honey-Do items.  I hope you have a truly blessed weekend.  I hope and pray you are all safe and enjoying smiles, laughter, family and friends.  Happy Birthday America!


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