Jul 3, 2014

Crazy Chicken Lady

I need this.  No really....I do!! I do own an assault rifle.  And yes, if you mess with my ladies I will go all kinds of crazy on you.  (I did not make this image.  The Copyright is at the bottom I believe, it is hard to read.  I just wanted to share cause I love it!)
So I bought a new (old) coop off Craigslist.  It was a phenomenal deal that I couldnt pass up.  So I will be working to get it in shape and fit in a bit better.  My girls, however are thinking that it's their new digs.  Cause as soon as I open their door out they run and straight for the other coop they head.  Silly little girls.  I wish that I could explain my new passion for chickens.  It really is not something that a non chicken owner could possibly understand.  I guess for you crafters, think of each one as a new rubber stamp.  You must have the proper color of ink, you must have a place to store said stamp and ohhh if you have the stamp then you must get the matching paper.  See...I get that too.  Now, think of cute little fuzzy chicks.  Well they dont stay little for very long, so then they need a coop and well then they need special feeders and treats and all kinds of fun stuff.  And might I just say if you have a few...youll want a few more.  I promise.  

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