Oct 8, 2011

Two days in a row!!

Are you not simply AMAZED?  I TOLD you I was gonna try and get back into this bloggie thing again.  Whew!  It is not easy!  :)

Anyways---were in K-Town today.  I get to spend a few hours with my Hannah Banana before we head back home.  Dang!  I am glad she is staying, but I sure do miss her.  Its great to spend a few hours in the city too.  I guess, if Knoxville can be considered a city anyway.  :)  Got a few errands to run and just to relax a bit.  Miss it....absolutely.  Wanta move back....heck no!

This card is using one of those sets that has like 20 stamps in it.  Aside from 2 monkeys and a leaf, I think I used them all.  It was fun.

I guess I need to do some updating of the photos over there on the side bar huh?  Since Ronnie has a full beard now.  Both Heather and Hannah have grown so much since then.  And well, I am NOT in East TN anymore.  Oh but that takes so much....not today---but soon maybe.  :)

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