Oct 7, 2011

*cough* ~choke~ ..>GASP<..

Well, since I got to visit my besties this week (Hi Marilyn & Janet!!!) and they got on to me about my out dated blog, I thought maybe I ought to come in and dust off the cobwebs and see what was happening here. 

For the past year I truly believe that my family and I have been in absolute survival mode.  Doing whatever it takes just to live from day to day.  Ha!  And to think I've made it thus far without going back to my "Happy Pills" is an amazing feat within itself.  Mind you, I am all about people getting medication for depression and anxiety--that's what they are for....but for me personally they turn me into more of a non emotional slug.  Sure, depression leaves and my anxiety is wiped clean, but unfortunately my ability to laugh and smile leaves too.

This has certainly been an incredible journey.  Not always fabulous.  But the good days are outweighing the bad now and guess what?  My mojo is returning!!  :)  I went and played with my friends during my very much needed little mini vacation this week.  I sooooo enjoyed seeing them.  They inspire me in all ways and it is just awesome to be around them. 

So though, not near as much as I'd like, I am stamping again!

I left the inside blank to add a sentiment
when I needed it.

This is a card that I found in a magazine several years ago.  Since we know so many people in music I just knew that this would come in handy for some one.  Unfortunately it was NOT as easy as I had anticipated.  My thread kept coming unwound, I couldnt get the circles to line up and well, the list just goes on and on.  So, though I am pleased with how it turned out, I am a little disappointed that I can't mass produce it as I had planned.  Maybe using wire would solve the thread issue and now that I have done the circles I could probly figure them out.  Who knows....it just seemed to take a lot of time for a simple card.  So might not tackle it again any time soon.

The girls are doing amazing.  Two weeks of FALL BREAK.  Hannah spent the first week at Grammee & PawPaw's in Knoxville and originally it was planned that the girls' would swap out for the second week, but I think it has since been changed that we are taking Heather tonight and leaving them both there for the next week.  I am so glad that they will get to have fun and enjoy themselves.  But already I can hear the house moaning from the quietness.  Already I miss them and they aren't even gone. 

Heather has had the honor of being on the color guard for JROTC again this year.  She loves it and has done so well with it.  Check out the most recent pics of her here ---->  UPPERMAN JROTC  Yeah, thats her with the cannon.  She got to shoot it at one of the games.  She was a HAPPY GIRL!

Hannah is doing good too.  Her social calendar is starting to pick up and I have officially turned into the MOM TAXI. 

I am doing GREAT!  I guess I need to tell you all that I did get a job.  I have been here for several months now.  Working for HILL REALTY here in Cookeville.  I absolutely LOVE it!  Its a small office, quite a lot smaller than what I am used to.  Rather than the 60 agents that Realty Executives Associates (Bearden) had, we only have 3.  But we are far busier than I ever dreamed of being at REA.  My days are crazy busy and extremely challenging.  I absolutely LOVE it though.  I love all of the things I have learned and that each day has something new.  At first I was certainly convinced that my bosses both hated me and that I was NEVER going to get the hang of this.  There is just so much to learn.  But I have settled in now and I understand more of how the office works.  I get along great with them and I truly love my job.  I look forward to the day though that it doesnt leave me completely worn snap out by 5pm.

Ronnie is doing well.  He is working at a factory right now.  Definitely NOT a dream job, but he is learning new things and getting some factory experience under his belt.  He is just waiting for God to open up new things so that he doesn't have to do this kind of work for long.  For now, it pays the bills and it is a job...he certainly isn't complaining.

OK, well there you have it.  Just a brief little update on us.  I PROMISE to post more often.  :)

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Pam said...

Hi Becky! So glad you are blogging again! Love this card---sounds like a real pain, but looks great! I know how hard it is to keep up a blog. I started a new one, and it has been over a week since I posted. Life sure gets in the way, doesn't it? Loved hearing your update.