Oct 9, 2011


So, I have this friend.  We are probably considered more of aquaintences now, since it has been nearly 14 years since we have really spoken other than an occasional post on Facebook.  But this is a girl that I can honestly say that I have complete and utter respect for.  I have respect for many.  So many of my friends and family have battled diseases, have had family turmoil, and suffered far greater losses than I could EVER comprehend.  But this girl is facing a challenge simply because she is choosing to follow God's call.  She is not being forced.  She is simply making a sacrifice and saying she "will".  Check out ROBBYE'S WEBSITE and see where she is at and what she is doing.  This girl has quit her job, sold her home, sold her car, given away all of her belongings and is saying her final good byes to her friends and family.   She is moving to Peru to do missions.  Can you imagine?  Can you imagine leaving behind absolutely everything that you have to simply follow God's word?  Praise God that I have not received this calling, because, to be honest, I am not so sure that I could answer it.  I love Jesus and profess Him every chance I get, but wow.

How bout this card?  Not my normal layers and layers of color and dimension.  Just simple.  I like it though.  I like the fact that it says what it needs to and allows the mind to just simmer in that thought.  Maybe its the lone quail in the tree...the dismal color?  Just simple.

Funny how we get so wrapped up in always adding MORE that we forget how SIMPLE things can be.  Robbye is leaving the great American Dream...giving up her Dishwasher Tabs to move where people do not HAVE dishwashers.  How wonderful to have that faith.  I sooo look forward to hearing more from her.

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TN Granny said...

Becky, I'm so happy your back on the blog and I'm thrilled your life is blessed.