Oct 10, 2011

MOJO 208

I am a huge fan of MOJO Monday.  As you already know.  I have all of their sketches printed out and in a binder that I keep on my work table.  It has pulled me out of the ditch of blankness more times than I can count.  Its an amazing site to bookmark and refer to often.  HUGE inspiration there. 

This is a card I made for my boss inspired by the sketch.  I apologize that the photo is awful.  I flew out of the house and totally forgot to take a pic of it before leaving, so I snapped one with my phone.  We all know how great phone cameras are.  The colors (even though they dont look it here) are brown and pink.  Its very vintage looking and feminine.  She totally loved it!

I used the sketch again and made this fall one too.  I get so used to stamping on white that I forget there are no rules that REQUIRE this.  So a quick little fun one and I broke out of the norm here.

Hard to believe that we are moving well into fall and getting ready for the holidays.  Wasn't it just pool season?  WOW. 

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