Oct 11, 2011

Go U-T!

Wow.  Can you tell that the colors are whacked on this one?  I TOTALLY did NOT make a UT card with Red and White.  It really honestly is  UT ORANGE.  This is a quick card that I made for my other boss.  He is a huuuuuge fan of the Vols and since I had these stickers I thought it suited him perfectly.  The power T is a stamp, but all the others are just simple sticker strips that I had for some unknown reason.  It was fast and quick and of course he loved it! 

Did I mention the fact that I miss my girls?  I have totally enjoyed my time with my husband.  We have gotten to enjoy things that we simply negate when we are busy running the girls to and fro to each and every little thing.  Even though that makes everything crazy it is a part of our life, and I feel rather lost without it.  Being well rested and calm just isnt my forte and well...making it til Friday when I get them back will be difficult.  THAT is for sure!  I miss their giggles, the stereo blasting, the constant questions and even the squabbles that come with two girl tween/teens under one roof.

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