Sep 20, 2009

Roostin Recipes

Another great use of the tins dont you think? This is a recipe box I made for my mom. Her kitchen is all done in roosters and chickens and I thought that she might like this too. I had so much fun pulling it all together.

I colored each of the cards, antiqued the dividers with copics.

Though the writing was all done on my computer.

It was really tough getting this out the door as Hannah had decided that she wanted it for herself. Now I have commited myself to making one just for her, though she says she wants hers to INCLUDE her favorite recipes.

Now on to business. I know that I have been missing in action for quite some time and I apologize. Things are CRAZY here!! First and foremost I went back to work! After interviewing at several places the good Lord landed me right back at Realty Executives. Where I started at 7 years ago. I am thrilled. I absolutely LOOOOVE my job and I truly love being back with my friends, the old ones and of course all the new ones too. The girls are adjusting to it well and I think Ronnie is too. Its been a rough couple of weeks for me trying to balance out my time, my to-do lists and of course to get over being t-totally exhausted every night when I get home. But I think things ARE working out. God is amazing and when he works, it is sooo fun seeing all of the things He can do.

Thank you for all of the prayers, kind words and thoughts regarding my step-dad. His accident, was a shock to me and seriously took me by surprise. Please also know that I meant absolutely NO disrespect to my mom as she is no longer with Joe. I know things there are a little less than warm and fuzzy and in no way did I mean to infect those wounds again. But I also wanted to express the love I have for the man that raised me and acted as my father for so many years. He was truly my best friend, teaching me to ride a horse, to drive a car, to do Algebra and many of the common things a parent teaches their child. He was my dad through the rough teenage years when it is most difficult to be a parent and he, along with my mom were great partners in making me whom I am today. I owe them both so much.

I have added a block to the side bar there to keep up with his updates. If you are interested in sharing a card with him please email me for his address, Id be happy to share that with you.
Go and be blessed!


debinicol said...

ooooh! I love love LOVE this! The paper on the outside looks like it is actually pleated! gorgeous job...I would have to make at least for myself. Nice job, as always!

Nicole said...

Such a cute project! I'm happy for you that you found a job you like. Joe is in our thoughts.