Sep 21, 2009

Singing in the rain!

OK, so at which point does RAIN become drizzle and overwhelmingly depressing? Hmm...maybe when it has been doing so for ohhh about a week. I mean really...its STILL raining! By the time my yard dries out enough to mow it, I am gonna have to hire someone to come bail it instead. I love these mouses. On the inside of the card it says YOUR FRIENDSHIP BRINGS MUSIC TO MY HEART.

All is well here, I didnt sleep worth a flying flip last night as Heather and I stayed up waaaay too late chatting and giggling. Hard to tell your teenager to go to bed when your fun conversations are so far and few between. We giggled like little girls. Unfortunately those giggles had to turned back to grunts by the time the alarm clock sounded this morning...and I am seriously draggin tail today....did I mention that it was raining too?? So if you add sleep deprivation, a dark and cloudy day with a Monday get a very sleepy Becky.

But life is good. I hope YOU are well too. Be blessed today!



Micki said...

Becky, great card and sure hope your yard dries out, lol. Every Monday is a sleepy Monday for me, lol.

debinicol said...

this is a fantastic pix of your coloring...I was just trying to do a bird nailed it!
they are tough!

Lori Stilger said...

I got this card! I got this card! :D
I'm blessed beyond measure to have you as my friend! :D LOVE YOU! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pumpkin embossing folder. :::sob:::