Jul 1, 2009

I have a new obsessi...er I mean hobby.

I have been wanting to go digi for a long time and just have been too chicken heart to do it. Well then, at the library I checked out the most awesome book I have ever seen. I mean it REALLY spoke English to me. Its called PICTURE YOURSELF CREATING DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKS by LORI DAVIS & SALLY BEACHAM. Its got pictures and words and step by step of how tos in each and every chapter. I mean, seriously. How many HOW TO books do you read cover to cover?? I am litterally reading it cover to cover. It is THAT informative. And the book comes with a CD full of elements!!!!

OK, so here is my first attempt. This is what they call a PLOPPER. I just plopped my photo down in it. Added a bit of text and I added the extra date tag, staple and the puppy print and a few splotches of paint. Basic. But I like it.

THEN! I got brave!! I started with the pink striped paper. I added the florish overlays, the silk flowers, the ribbon, the lace the butterfly the journal box the bow.... OMG! I am learning so much. Like that bow up there! It was originally BLUE! I made it pink, all by myself!!!!! Then added a few shadows, layered it just right, and whala!

I got a little braver with my next attempt. As the background paper was originally an array of oranges and browns. But was able to get it to the blues to match Heathers vest. The colors dont all quite match and if I had put this on paper I probably would have started over at least 5 times. But I figure its a learning process.
I loooove the fact that I have only downloaded a few FREE items and I already have a stock of tons of stuff. In all different colors!
So then, people ask. Now what? Well, I get coupons all the time for photo printing. So I will wait for those to come in and a few at a time I will go get printed. And since I am officially switching to 8x8 albums, it wont cost me a TOTAL fortune to do this. As they will print on 8x10 photo paper. My main reason for this...is one, to cut down on space. Not only on supplies, but also on the albums themselves. I like lumpy bumpy so my albums get pretty thick. And the second is that I have worked hard to make albums for each of the girls. Heather has a book and Hannah has a book. But then whats gonna happen when they go away and take their books with them??? I got nuttin! So my way of doing things is changing now. I am going to make ONE album. Its gonna be MINE, then the girls can make copies for themselves. There will be pics that each of them will not give a flip about and then others that they both will want. But we are a family. And other than little books that we will make for summer vacations and travel and such....well just have the family book.
So now I have the issue of my already bad computer addiction habit. YIKES!



Unknown said...

Becky -- GREAT start girl!!

I like your idea of the one book also.

I have a bunch of digi pages that I (Thankfully)had printed out before my computer crashed.

BEWARE when sending out to a printer (I scrap 8x8 also) of cropping and such...I used a company that I will not name (you can e-mail me if you'd like to know) and the first batch came back sized to fit the 10" side, cutting off theright and left sides of the pages...then I contacted them, sent them back (at their cost) followed their instructions how to 'view' and 'crop', etc...got them done again, and they STILL cut off edges, not as much, but certainly enough...I bought a Canon Pixma printer, and started printing my own. They come out quite nice, and no worries about missing edges...

Good luck - can't wait to see more!

Rikki Holley said...

Becky, those pages look awesome.
I got to get that book from the library.
AWESOME really really wonderful.

What I like best about the digi pages... my handwriting really sucks and this would be great for me cause I could just type.

I really love your blog I always find something on here that inspires me.

Robin said...

These are awesome, Becky! And besides, you always need a new obsession!

Alyssa said...

Great job Becky! I like the idea of one big album too. Plus, with digital, if you change your mind - you can click "undo" and not have to start over completely.

Sandy said...

Wow, those are amazing pages! I need to go find that book now!!!

TN Granny said...

You just continue to amaze me with your talent, so glad you have this time to do all your fun stuff.
The pages are precious and I love the updated pics of the girls.