Jul 2, 2009

I have a new passion!!

OK....both girls have now created pages of their own and I was able to get another one done this morning. AWESOME!!! I finished reading the book last night. Yes, I read a 261 page book cover to cover in 2 days. THE BOOK is awesome!! In fact I plan to order it so that I can keep one for myself. Or maybe I'll just keep it checked out for forever and never return it to the library. *hehe* Just kidding of course. But its the first book in a LOOOONG time that I can rave about! UBER AWESOME! So I went to Amazon for ya and looked it up. Click HERE and get yourself one too, or at least you can see what I am talking about.

I also went through last night and organized all my embellishments and papers into folders. Do you know how many sites out there offer FREE stuff? I mean, like download and use FREE. Just google free digital elements and holy smokes!!!!

I got me some ribbon, some of those handy dandy little staples, the hardware...oh yeah...and check out that background paper. That started out as blue denim. Now it looks kind of burlappy. SOOOO COOL HUH!!!


Rikki Holley said...

Looks sooooooo GREAT.
Where will you get them printed???

Have to say it again >>> I LOVE your blog :0)

Paula said...

What fantastic scrapping pages...I just love these!

Andrea Walford said...

Wow! Great PAGE!! Fun photos, too!

Ginny said...

these look FAB,I haven't scrapped in forever :0(

Mephisto said...

Wow, thats really wonderful!


Jennwhite said...

YAY for you being brave! You're doing great! Sally's book was the first one I bought, and have since gotten to know her. There are lots of other helps out there free - check out Hummie's World http://www.hummiesworld.com and we have photoshop tips on our blog weekly http://www.scrappersworkshop.com/blog
As for printing, I use http://www.scrappingsimply.com their 12x12's are only $1.99 and they do great work! I used to pay more than that in supplies to do a paper page!