Jul 7, 2009

Its celebrations time all week...right???

Over at Kimm's this week there is the Copic Challenge of Patriotic colors. You sooo need to check it out. This is my PTI picnic basket set again. Have I mentione how much I LOVE this set?? My photography is awful and I would go back and retake it (cept I sent em all out)! R29, C0 & B26 are the challenge colors this week. I hope youll play too!!

I am still in Digital Land. I have been having so much fun. I can just click and clunk and not really use a whole lot of brain power. I have TONS more to learn, but I like the fact that I am cropping tons of photos and I am actually getting caught up on some of our more recent stuff.

This is from Saturday night. I am afraid that we didnt do too much celebrating other than going to a friend's house to watch the fireworks...but it was still great.

Today I have not been feeling real good. I dont know if I caught a bug er what, but I have gone from peg to post all day long. I am hoping that my early retreat to bed tonight will help me to recover for a fresh start on tomorrow.
Oh and guess what? I spilled my water on my nightstand last night. It drowned my cell phone. GREAT!! So I have dried it out, but now when I put the battery in the camera flashes nonstop and keeps running like the thing is gonna take off. Isnt that lovely??!!?? Thank GOD for insurance!

I hope that your day was blessed and that things are good with you.


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