Jul 1, 2009

Its Hump day!

Are you all making great plans to celebrate the 4th? We dont have any huge plans, just going to go over to a friends house and watch the fireworks from his back yard. They set em off like less than a quarter of a mile from his house and the view is simply AMAZING! Were hoping to spend some quality time together though.

Yes, sorry folks I am gonna kill ya with the baskets. I am just LOOOOVING them!! I looove all of the different options you can do. Yeah, a bit more work with all of the masking and lining up, but you can litterally get a bagillion different designs. SOO FUN!

Yesterday we had a FANTASTIC day! Went to the park and the library. It was soooo beautiful outside. I was able to get new pics of the girls. So I will update the sidebar soon.

Today its clean house and putz around here for a bit--so not too exciting. But the sun is shining and we are doing great!!

Im thinking its blog candy time soon. Dont you think? Maybe another round of Bingo? Hmmm....a scavenger hunt? Hmmmm....


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lisa808 said...

Your picnic basket looks so inviting!