Aug 28, 2008

From one chick to another

Isnt this chick adorable!? I cant take credit for her she is drawn by Karen Hollingsworth. She is on a little gift card that I picked up at the candle store a few months back. I just loved her and couldnt wait to get her into a big card. The black paper is glittery and then I used a glitter pen and decorated her pocket book and dress with some glitter too. TOO CUTE!

I am having the most frustrating time with my photos. I have adjusted the white I have changed the lighting and I have done everything I know how to do and still I am getting dingey pics. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? Someone please help me!!!!

Life in the Peterson house is calm today. DH is home sick. Lord love him, he really DOES feel bad -- but oh my....a patient he is! & a patience he is trying! So because I am such the kind and loving wife, I have offered to go out and get some medicine for him. I never said Id be RIGHT back though...I think I need some air. I think I need to smell something other than Vicks vapor rub mixed with chicken noodle soup. He told me I was making him feel bad cause I was pretty much following him around with disinfectant wipes all night last night, I have cyboshed him to the couch and have pretty much segregated him to the livingroom. I know that SOUNDS awful. But I sooooo dont wanta get sick and the girls dont need it either. When there is coughing and hacking goin on I turn into a germaphobic. I know...I am weird. I DID make him a compfy bed on the couch and I did set him up a little sick station so I am not ALL bad. Honest!

Lord remind me to be kind and gentle today. Remind me to remember what its like when I dont feel well. Remind me not to accidently spill his hot tea as I am gently lifting it over his head. Lord help me to keep my cool when he snaps at me and I have the strong urge to drag him AND the couch out the front door and into the yard. Amen!

So what are YOU doing today? Around here I think all of the kiddies are back in school and for the rest of you I am thinkin everyone starts next week right? Before you know it we are gonna be wooshing through the holidays. Are you ready for them?

Be a blessing to someone today!


Jennifer said...

Oh no, a sick husband, I don't think there is anything worse. LOL Good luck today. If your R is like my R when he is sick, you will need all the luck you can get.

email: said...

you are inspiring Becky! Sick hubbies are worse than sick kids! God bless ya girl!

Debbie said...

hehe you said "pocket book"! My grandma used to say "pocket book". I just had to tease you and hope you got a chuckle. Living with sick husband's is a test to a wife's patience! Hey, try pushing a baby out your... yeah, that! I know he's really sick. Hope he's better soon. Love this card. Do you have the stamp, too?