Aug 28, 2008

White walls, ok...even CREAM ones are SOOO not me!

Just some quick posts to show you my latest renovations. Yes folks, THIS came about because the wallpaper had a little edge sticking up and my little fingers couldnt resist just tugging on it a bit. Then a bit more. And pretty soon I was in a mess. Half of it still up, half of it down. Obviously it needed to be finished so my task was set. The wallpaper must ALL come down and some COLOR needed to be added. Heres the BEFORE of our powder room downstairs.

And then the after. The color is a Teracotta orange and then the border has cool old timey signs that say baths, and powder room and so on. Fits the rest of the house to a t.

DH is still not feeling too fantastic tonight. But he has been able to sleep a little. Hannah is also complaining of a sore throat. ARGH!!!! *pounding head on desk* NO NO NO!!!!!!
I am going now...armed with rubber gloves and antibacterial spray. If you dont have a lung issue now, you will!!! *LOL* Be blessed!


Noemí said...

Really really nice! I couldn't have done it! Nice and a real change.

mornin'lady said...

My, my, you've done a beautiful job with that bathroom!

I would have never thought of that color for a bathroom but you really pulled it off girl! It's just too nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh my it's so easy to get behind on your blog reading, isn't it..Love the new bathroom...