Aug 27, 2008

A Kitty Wish for You!

A Kitty Birthday Wish for you:

May your toy mouse live forever,
and your yarn re-roll itsef.
May your day be filled with sunshine,
and your window filled with birds.
May your owner be generous with the kitty treats,
and may your catnip always be fresh!

Have a Happy Kitty Birthday!

We are still getting drenched by the reminents of Fay. We have needed the rain for so long, that it is great and fabulous to see the trees start to perk up and hang on a little tighter to the leaves that havent yet turned brown from the drought.

It also seems to give me permission to kick back, read a book and focus on my own feelings, life and whats happening with me. Life is good. Life is real good. How bout you? What great things are YOU doing today?

Be Blessed!



Debbie said...

BECKY!!!! Where on earth did you get this fantastic template for your blog??? I simply must see more of them. Ok, Debbie, take a breath before you pass out....

Sandy said...

Oh how cute your card is! I love the sentiment you have. Did you print it or is it a stamp?

Becky said...

Sandy, it is a stamp!! --thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Whooo Hoo! We're getting the rain too...Im glad this week is almost over, thursday night/friday morning and my 92 hr work week is done!