Jul 26, 2008


I am soooo loving my new set from GINA K. This retro set is SOOOO versatile. I love the fact that you can color it too. And you KNOW how much I loooves to color! Gina K has some uber awesome stamps just for this. And if you go (go now, I will wait) and check out her stuff I know you will fall in love just as I have.
Hows your weekend yaall? Are you enjoying the summer?? I am slowly on the mend and becoming myself again. My tongue has this incredibly bad habit of having to fiddle with my stitches in my mouth nonstop. The pain is still there, but nothing too darastic. Nothing other than this playtoy that my tongue keeps tethering with. DRIVING ME NUTS! So if you see me escape with a tiny pair of scissors towards a well lit mirror, pay no attention -- its just me ripping out the stitches that are sposed to stay in for 2+ weeks. ~sigh~ Its gonna be a LOOOOONG 2 weeks.
I hope you are all doing fun things!
be blessed--b